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Pinehurst Photographer ~ Spring Family Pictures

Springtime Pictures

It’s Spring!!!  The trees and flowers are in bloom, and the world is turning from brown to green as it comes out of winter slumber.  Add in the mild weather, and Spring makes for the perfect time for family pictures!

I’ve been this family’s Pinehurst photographer for about a year and a half, and have documented their journey from pregnancy, to a family of four with newborn twins, to sitting up babies, and now toddlers running around. What a joy it’s been to watch them grow!

pinehurst photographerpinehurst child photographerchild pinehurst photographer


Morning Photo Session

We timed this session to coincine with both the morning golden hour of light, and the twin’s best part of the day.  A key to the perfect photo session is knowing when to schedule so that babies are feeling their best.

Toddlers love to move, which is why an outdoor session is the perfect location. They have space to roam, and we turn their photo session into playtime.  The two loved to toddle around, laughing and chasing each other. But we did manage to corral them long enough for some traditional portraits with both of them looking and smiling at the camera.

Their parents did a great job dressing them for the photo session, the twins even matched the flowers planted at the garden!


matching twin outfitspinehurst nc photographerpinehurst child photographer

Child Pictures in the Garden

But these two didn’t sit still for long, and were off again searching for new adventures!  We moved to a different part of the garden to give the twins something different to explore. We giggled, played, and ran around until the twins let us know they were finished.  We all had so much fun at their garden photo session!


twin matching outfitstoddler girl matching twin outfits
I’m sad this family is moving away this month, but have greatly enjoyed working with them over the last year and a half.  I wish them the best of luck in their new adventure and hope they come to see me when they come back to visit Southern Pines!


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